Sauvage Dior Miniature EDT- 10ml


The mysterious and seductive aspects of Sauvage Eau de Parfum are apparent. While Vanilla Absolute's smoky nuances are wrapped around Nutmeg, Calabrian Bergamot offers spicy notes for richness and sensuality. The magical hour of twilight in the desert, when nature awakens and the sky is lit ablaze, served as the inspiration for the scent.

Regarding this item

  • Small Dabber.34 oz./10 ml - stands around two inches tall.
  • A woodsy, earthy scent featuring bergamot, amber, and vanilla as its main ingredients.
  • The minimalist, pure bottle has a distinctive Dior design with each element meticulously considered.
  • Men's Travel Size Mini Perfume.
  • approved by the TSA.