Rouge Dior Forever Liquid Lipstick-6ml

Rs9,000.00 Rs8,100.00

Color: Shade 999

Shade 999
Shade 741
Shade 200
Shade 626
Shade 760
Shade 959
Shade 943
Shade 100
Shade 458
Shade 558
Rouge Dior Forever Liquid is the 1st ultra-pigmented, transfer-proof liquid Dior lipstick, with vibrant, ultra-matte colors. With striking color, the liquid lipstick won't settle into lip lines, fade, budge, or feather on fabric.

Rouge Dior Forever Liquid pushes the limits of long wear with an ultra-fine formula. With no heavy makeup effect for all the comfort of a bare-lip feel, the color of this transfer-proof lipstick coats the lips with a seemingly imperceptible film and unprecedented* color vibrancy.

Rouge Dior Forever Liquid matte lipstick ensures optimal coverage for 12hrs without compromising comfort, no matter the stresses of day-to-day life.
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Shade 999, Shade 741, Shade 200, Shade 626, Shade 760, Shade 959, Shade 943, Shade 100, Shade 458, Shade 558