O.TWO.O Long Lasting Velvet Matte Thin Tube High Saturation Lipstick

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Color: Shade N02 : Maple Leaf Caramel

Shade N02 : Maple Leaf Caramel
Shade N03 : Dirty Orange Pumpkin
Shade N04 : Warm Brown Red
Shade N05 : White Peach Bean Paste
Shade N06 : Rust Red Brown
Shade N07 : Retro Red
Shade N08 : Berry Color

Product Description :

O.TWO.O Long Lasting Velvet Matte thin tube High Saturation Lipstick a cosmetics product that is designed with a high-quality ingredients. It is safe and gentle on the skin. O.TWO.O provides the high pigmented lipstick with a long-lasting. It is a long lasting lipstick, that must-have for all lipstick enthusiasts. This extraordinary lipstick combines a velvety matte finish with long-lasting wear and high color saturation, giving you the perfect pout that lasts all day.


Ingredients :

  • isododecane
  • beeswax
  • dimethicone


Features :

  • O.TWO.O Long Lasting Velvet Matte thin tube High Saturation Lipstick has both rich color rendering and smooth touch redefining matte lipsticks.
  • Its convenient to carry due to its portable size design also be quick to clean.
  • Waterproof and with rich color, it makes your makeup more refined and long-lasting all day, at the same time.
  • Made of safe material, the product can be used with confidence.
  • It is soft, delicate, elegant, light lip makeup, suitable for all seasons.
  • It has white rose petal tube design slender and elegant, revealing feminine style .

Shades of lipstick Available : 

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Additional Information

Shade N02 : Maple Leaf Caramel, Shade N03 : Dirty Orange Pumpkin, Shade N04 : Warm Brown Red, Shade N05 : White Peach Bean Paste, Shade N06 : Rust Red Brown, Shade N07 : Retro Red, Shade N08 : Berry Color