O.TWO.O Eyelash Curler Comb

Rs800.00 Rs560.00

️Fits Most Eye Shapes-The opening size of lash curler is specially designed for girls with different eye shapes and different eyelash lengths. Each eyelash is softly and evenly curled to bring an eye-opening effect and refuse any painful pulling.

️Built in Comb-Our built-in comb is designed to smoothly separate your lashes, creating a natural curling effect, simply squeeze and hold in seconds, no tugging pulling, and broken lashes.

️Ergonomic Design-The eye lash curler with non-slip hand pad is designed with the comfort of use in mind, allowing you to experience a very satisfactory grip while curling your eyelashes.

1* Eyelash curler with brush
1* Silicone eyelash cushion

How to Use:
1. Use before applying mascara or wearing false eyelashes, make sure the eyelashes are clean, keep the head and hands fixed, and don't use it in a turbulent environment.
2. Open your eyes and look straight, so that the eyelash curler and eyelid are at 90°, and the eyelash curler is held against the eyelid.
3.Adjust the eyelash curler to a suitable position, wrap all eyelashes, and then lift the eyelash curler for 5-10 seconds, and then you can strengthen the position that needs to be strengthened as needed.

Tips: Correctly use of eyelash curlers can help you reduce damage to eyelashes