O.TWO.O Colored Lip Balm Moisturizes 4 Colors Protect Lips with Beeswax Lipstick


Color: Shade 01 : Pink

Shade 01 : Pink
Shade 02 : Sheer Coral
Shade 03 : Raspberry
Shade 04 : Cinnamon

Product Description :

O.TWO.O Colored Lip Balm is the perfect combination of a moisturizing lip balm and a beautiful lipstick. This lip balm is designed to provide long-lasting hydration while also giving your lips a pop of color. It comes in four beautiful shades that are suitable for any occasion. This  lip balm is also lightweight and comfortable to wear. It makes ideal for all-day wear.

How to Apply :

  1. Start with the clean, dry lips and Make sure that your lips are free from any other products.

  2. Twist up the lip balm and apply it directly to your lips. Start from the center and work your way outwards.

  3. Use your fingers or a lip brush to blend and evenly distribute the lip balm on your lips.

  4. Repeat the process as needed throughout the day for continued hydration and color.


Features : 

  • Gradient lip balm, moisturizing, and provides natural color.
  • Waterproof, Long-lasting Moisturizer, Made with Beeswax, Vaseline moisturizing formula to keep your lips hydrated.
  • Lip balm + Lipstick, Not only caring for lips, but you can also enjoy rich pigmented color on your lips.
  • Color-changing, can according to the temperature and humidity of lips, adjust the depth of the lip color.
  • It's a non-sticky and non-fade lipstick, that could last through all days when completely drying. And the color does not transfer.



Additional Information

Shade 01 : Pink, Shade 02 : Sheer Coral, Shade 03 : Raspberry, Shade 04 : Cinnamon