Melao TCA Serum
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Melao TCA Aid Skin Peel 20%
Melao TCA Serum

Melao TCA Aid Skin Peel 20% - 30 ML

Rs1,700.00 Rs1,190.00


  • Pores Shrinking: The 30ml TCA (trichloroacetic acid) solution can be used to improve skin shrinkage pores, which has passed the strict purity test.
  • Remove Blackheads: Remove blackheads and cleanse the skin, which can remove dirt and dead cells on the face, thereby creating a better breathing channel for the skin.
  • For Age Spots: The most powerful exfoliator-neutral chemical peel-no buffer, lower pH value can bring better and deeper peel-higher concentration can be diluted in distilled water.
  • . Premium and Safe: The most common percentage of facial skin peeling is between (8-25%). Stronger concentrations are usually used for removal of moles, warts, skin scars and tattoos.