L.A. Girl Spice Blusher Collection - BlushyLady
L.A. Girl Spice Blusher Collection - BlushyLady
L.A. Girl Spice Blusher Collection - BlushyLady

L.A. Girl Spice Blusher Collection


L.A. Girl Spice Beauty Brick Blush Collection

L.A. Spice Palette is a gorgeous palette that contains two blush shades and one bronzer and one highlighter. It has a nice combination of shimmery and matte shades. You can create a natural to bold look with it. All the shades are good for all skin tones and it looks very fresh on skin. Let’s discuss about the individual shades.

  1. Blush 1: First blush is a very nice dusky deep coral shade and it doesn’t have any shimmers. It is a warm matte shade that suits all skin tones. It looks very bright and bold on skin. This is really a pigmented shade that needs a light-hand application.
  2. Blush 2: One of my favorite blush shades; it is actually a natural light dusky pink shade with micro shimmers in it. It looks so soft and natural on skin. It is a perfect daily wear shade. It needs few applications to show up the color properly.
  3. Bronzer: It’s a warm brown shade and it doesn’t have any shimmers. This is good for fair to medium skin tone. It is not super pigmented and not so dark for dusky beauties. So it might not show up on them. But on my tanned skin it looks nice like a natural bronzer that provides a nice sharp look.
  4. Highlighter: It is a light beige shade highlighter with shimmers in it but it can’t provide that super illuminating look. The glow it provides a very sober and natural. It is also good for daily purpose. Shade is not so pigmented; it needs lots of swipes for that perfect glow.

Texture & Quality: All the shades have super smooth fine texture that blends easily without any effort. They easily set into a nice semi matte texture and provides a soft natural look. Shimmers never look overpowering. They look so subtle on skin and provide a gorgeous glow to skin. They never feel powdery or chalky and they evenly glide on skin. Texture never feels dry and they never clog pores. Only the highlighter slightly settles in pores by the end of the day. They never crease or settle in fine line. Also the shades doesn’t transfer that much.