Estee Lauder Advanced Repair Eye Cream

Supercharge your eyes starting tonight for a brighter, more alert eye appearance. In just two weeks, dark circles appear lighter. Reduced lines and other early symptoms of aging in the eyes are seen.

Fighting the Visible Effects of Free Radical Damage is a Double Action. Devices' blue light, among other sources, releases free radicals that damage the skin. Our most effective eye cream fights the obvious effects with two strong mechanisms. Helps:
 With 8-hour antioxidant power, NEUTRALIZE free radicals that harm the skin. Our effective next-generation solution with Vitamin E offers all-day protection from free-radical damage.
The light, airy Gel-Creme works day and night to help renew and enhance the appearance of skin, with benefits you can see:

Brightens with Multi Dark Circle Power:

- Formulated to target dark circles in all locations i.e. under eye, upper eye, inner corner, outer corner and all around.

- Clinically tested and shown to target a blend of blue/ purple and brown circles.

- Reduces the visible intensity of dark circles.


  • Dark circles
  • Lines and multiple initial signs of eye aging
  • Visible age prevention with double action to fight visible effects of free radical damage
  • Dryness, dehydration
  • Lightweight, silky gel-creme texture-our best eye cream