3CE New Take Eyeshadow Palette


Color: Raw Natural Shade

Creative Filter
Motion Frame
Raw Natural Shade

From 3CE's NEW TAKE Edition, featuring striking frame-like packaging. has 12 tones of transparent and sparkling colors that can be easily layered to create a variety of beautiful, elaborate eye makeup looks.
- Versatile styles that go beyond the essentials are made possible by the many textures of soft matte, creamy shimmer, dazzling, and metallic glitter.

- Multiple items that may be used for contouring, eye shadow, eye liner, brow, blush, and highlighter.

- Provides gentle blending and seamless adherence for a long-lasting, crease-free, flawless finish.

How To Use

1. Apply a base shade all over your eye lid.
2. Apply the color that you want to stand out on your eye line, outer edges of your eyes, or use it as a gradation shade.
3. Use sparkling glitter shade to highlight the inner corner of your eyes, water line, brow bone, or other areas that you want to brighten up.


Additional Information

Creative Filter, Motion Frame, Raw Natural Shade