The Purest Soutions 5% Gycolic Acid Puirifying Toner AHA + BHA Exfoilating and Clarifying Toner :- 200 ml


Features :

  • Make-up remnants, reduce the pore appearance and balance the sebum secretion.
  • It is effective in protecting the skin against signs of aging by renewing.
  • It penetrates the skin effectively, quickly and provides the exfoliating effect.
  • It promotes cell regeneration and hydration to provide a softer and smoother feeling.
  • A prebiotic moisturizer that helps balance skin microbiota. It is also effective in rearranging the skin flora.
  • It has a gentle exfoliating effect and contributes to the renewal of the skin and a better appearance. 
  • It is suitable for all skin types.


Active Ingredients :

  • AHA Concentrate
  • Glycolic Acid
  • Inulin, Fructose


How To Apply :

After skin cleansing, apply to the entire skin at night with the help of cotton.