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The Cosmetic Republic Hair Scrub :- 200 ml


Product Description :

The Hair Scrub is a pre-shampoo treatment pre-shampoo treatment, the zero phase of any hair health treatment as it purifies, cleanses and eliminates dead skin cells.



1) Skin exfoliator for deep cleansing of the scalp
2) Makes the scalp absorb other treatments better
3) Clean and purified scalp
4) Strengthens the hair and stimulates the scalp
5) Promotes hair growth
6) Gently exfoliates the scalp, so it can remain oil-free for longer
7) Removes dandruff and dead cells


How To Use : 

▪ Wet your hair without using any products
▪ Take the product into your palm and apply it all over the hair and gently
massage it
▪ After massaging it for at least 5 minutes into a moist scalp, rinse well
▪ Use the appropriate shampoo for your hair type after using the scrub
▪ Use a Scalp Mask or Conditioner 0.0 after shampoo as a complement
▪ Use twice weekly